Ability to listen and adapt. Having trained thousands of people in negotiation & negotiated hundreds of files, conflicts between partners or customers and major suppliers. Agreements with government authorities, all of which gave me vast and cutting-edge expertise.

Strategic negotiation, Managerial courage, Breaking silos for cooperative management, Leadership, Attitude are in my expertise.

  • More than 30,000 Linkedin subscribers and 40,000 La Grande École des Affaires.
  • Considered the human above all in his journey.
  • Distance learning, Training a team with a common goal Visit https://www.lagrandeecoledesaffaires.com
  • Founding member Paul Henri Levesque Foundation, Faculty of Psychology Université Laval.
  • Client Attitude Certification, Founder of CORPIQ (Quebec Real Estate Owners Corporation), Founder of Florida First, Founder of La Petite Université, former member of: Quebec Association for Tax and Estate Planning, International Real Estate Institute, International Negotiation Institute, National Association of Home Builder of US. Status of Senior Citizens Advisory Committee Canadian Government.
  • Implantation Patient Attitude Hawkesbury Hospital which was awarded the title of 2nd best hospital in Canada for health care by Maclean, Journal, Le Droit, August 27, 2019.
  • Consultant-coach for 8 years with Christine and Gaétan, co-founders of Chocolat Favori, Treasury Board. Negotiation and cassation of silos, Canadian Space Agency Cassation of silos,
    LKQ, MRC Abitibi Ouest, Cities La Sarre, Beloeil, Kuujjuaq, Attitude Citoyen, Cities of Beaconsfield, Beloeil, La Sarre, Châteauguay ++
  • Accredited by the majority of professional orders.
  • Some clients, MTQ, SNC, ETS, KCI Medical, Jefo, Bayer, Aecon, Génivar, Bombardier, Beauce Atlas, Proco, RioTinto, BRP, TetraTech, Defense Canada, Desjardins, BN, Maibec, Pomerleau, Abbott, Couche-Tard, CISSS and Fujifilm Healthcare.
  • Having trained 25,000 people including 30% engineers, project managers and company presidents in Strategic Negotiation, Change Management, Managerial Courage, etc.
  • My personal activities are swimming, cycling, karate, running, golf, skiing, climbing, reading, meditation. Member of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec.
  • See Radio Canada interview, Attitude Client, an investment that will allow you to increase your results.

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